Ester Fleckner’s work explores language and materials in ways that preserve traces of the process, and privilege the repetitive labour of trial and error. Working from queer epistemology, Fleckner inverts the value of failure, unfinishedness, and displacement to arrive at chaotic and intuitive ways of knowing. Fleckner employs an abstract aesthetic to counteract normative tendencies to produce ever new and false binaries. As such, her ventures are almost always serial and expressly inquisitive; always morphing along the way towards no particular endpoint. Her works can be read as alternative maps for navigating visual and linguistic representation out of rigid categorisation.

Fleckner mostly works with woodcut printing – a simple and immediate technique that allows for differences, errors and a loss of control. As a natural material, wood is apt for Fleckner’s exploration of the collisions between the body and various cultural norms. Fragments of text or drawing are often added in pencil as interaction or dialogue with the graphics works. Fleckner’s practice expands from the woodcuts to include cast concrete sculptures, drawings, text work and performative readings.



CV Ester Fleckner
Born 1983 in Aarhus, Denmark. Lives and works in Berlin and Møn Denmark

2007-13   The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, MFA, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010-11   Gender and Culture, MA, Goldsmiths University of London, England


Solo exhibitions
2019   Woodbeds, brimming, Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017   Pressure/ Imprint, three parallel presentations, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden
2017   All models are wrong, some are useful, Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany

2016   A closet does not connect under the bed, Art Brussels w/ Avlskarl Gallery, Belgium
2016   A closet does not connect under the bed, Overgaden Institute of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015   Wooden Scripts, abc – berlin contemporary, w/ Avlskarl Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015   How to spell a sound that is physical, Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014   Jeg navigerer i kollisioner, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark


Group exhibitions, selected
2020   Synliggørelser (Renderings), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019   Folded Veil, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong
2019   Taletid, Solidaritetssalonen, Rønnebæksholm, Denmark
2019   Fra klassisk til queer, J.F. Willumsens Museum, Frederikssund, Denmark

2018   der grosse Anspruch des kleinen Bildes, Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany
2018   Facing Concrete, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018   Art Basel, w/ Galerie Barbara Wien, Switzerland
2018   Caressing History, Shrine Empire Gallery, New Delhi, India
2018   FLESH, RØM, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018   Now it is Light, Galeria Municipal da Boavista, Lisbon, Portugal

2017   Extended Family, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017   Frieze London, w/Galerie Barbara Wien, London, England
2017   BEERS 5 – 100 Kvinder på Kro part 3, Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon, Cph., Denmark
2017   The Collectors Home, Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016   SEEABLE/SAYABLE, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2016   Af-Sløret, KH7 Artspace, Aarhus, Denmark
2016   Homosexuality_ies, LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, Münster, Germany
2016   Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
2016   100 Kvinder på Kro, Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro, Denmark

2015   A Feminist Culture Reader, Grafikernes Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015   BEERS 5 – 100 Kvinder på Kro, Byens Kro, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015   Å PARADIS – HELSINKI, Kunstplass [10], Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
2015   Survival K(n)it 7, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia
2015   Just Frustration, SixtyEight, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015   Homosexuality_ies, Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany

2014   Vi tager intet ansvar 3, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014   Time Prints, Dalian Art Museum, China
2014   Å PARADIS – Strategies on The Nordic Queer, Kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway
2014   BarHvaViHar#9, Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014   Literacy / Illiteracy, The 16th Tallinn Print Triennial, Kumu Art Museum, Estonia
2014   Time Prints, Art College of Xiamen University, China

2013   The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog III, Baghuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013   Afgang 2013 (MFA Degree Show 2013), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013   24 Spaces – A Cacophony, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden

2012   The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog II, Baghuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012   International Performance Art Festival, BarHvaViHar#5 art lounge, Warehouse 9, Cph., Denmark
2012   Rundgang, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012   BarHvaViHar#1, Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012   Jeg prøver at kigge ind, men får gardiner i øjnene, Q Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010   Rundgang, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts/ private home Frederiksberg, Denmark
2009   Contemporary past: New Art Forms in Memorial Building, Vilnius, Lithuania
2007   Chinese Smorgasbord, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen, Denmark


Artistic publications
2019   “Intimate constellations/constellations of intimacy”, 
2019   Mathias Danbolt & Ester Fleckner, Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory

2018   Dansk Sociologi nr.2, 29.årgang, 2018, billedbidrag og kunstnerpræsentation
2015   Cruising horizontal lines, special edition woodcut print for Pist Protta 77
2014   “Kollision: fordi anus, min krop er botanisk…”, text in Trappe Tusind#10, trappetusind.dk

2013   Argumenter for begær, publication of graphic print, Den Danske Radeerforening


Collaborative work
BarHvaViHar. A queer feminist art bar with exhibitions, readings and performances. The bar was conducted on a regular basis in 2012-2014 at Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen and other locations occasionally. Organised with Mo Maja Moesgaard, Mette Clausen and Line Hvidbjerg


Talks, readings and other artistic work
2018   Performer, live concert by Kirsten Astrup at Roskilde Festival, Denmark
2018   Performer, video work Urolige Hjerte by Kirsten Astrup
2018   Studio talk, Braunschweig University of Art, Berlin, Germany
2017   Artist talk, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden
2017   Studio talk, Kunsthøjskolen Holdbæk, Berlin, Germany
2016   Artist presentations, the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU), Kiev, Ukraine
2016   Walk and talk // Ester Fleckner & Maria Kjær Themsen, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015   FRANK Conversations, text reading & talk w/ Mathias Danbolt, Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015   FRANK Conversations, text reading & talk w/ Mathias Danbolt, Archive Kabinett, Germany
2014   Å PARADIS, SKEIVT ARKIV og KUNST, artist talk, Pride House/House of Literature Oslo, Norway
2014   SMK Fridays: Kunsten er queer, text reading, The National Gallery of Denmark, Cph., Denmark
2014   Slipfest Trappe Tusind #10, performative reading w/ Mo Maja Moesgaard, Kirsten Astrup and Mattias Agerskov, Rummet, Cph., Denmark


2020   Guest teacher, Rundgang, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020   External examiner, BFA admission, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019   Examiner, Rundgang, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark  

2017   On the path of failure, lecture, Aarhus School of Architecture, DK
2017   Slow Text, workshop, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden



Grants and prizes
2020   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant 
2020   Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, production grant
2019   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant   

2017   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant
2017   Nominated for the Kjell Njupen Memorial Grant
2016   Aage og Yelva Nimbs Fond, awarded honorary grant
2016   Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse, awarded work grant
2016   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant
2016   Art Brussels SOLO Prize
2016   Nominated for the Queen Sonja Print Award
2015   Ole Haslunds Kunstnerfond, awarded travel grant
2015   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant
2014   The Danish Arts Foundation, work grant
2013   Fr. Gerda Jensens Kunstnerlegat, travel grant
2010   Knud Højgaards Fond, scholarship
2010   Nordea Fonden, scholarship
2010   Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, scholarship


Represented in the following collections
Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden
The Danish Arts Foundation, Denmark