In this work, overload is manoeuvred through reduction. In a play on minimalist sculpture, the series of nine clumsy concrete frames were cast from the outline of a standard Danish paving stone. The childish game of avoiding the lines between the tiles becomes inverted, when the space normally considered safe to tread on has been replaced with a void, and the liminal space of the frame constitutes the object itself. Due to the production process, the frames have been pushed by the weight of the concrete, and, as a result, each rectangle comes out slightly crooked. This work is a neat illustration of what happens when the template is determined not by the centre but by what falls outside of it.



CF021860 copy

Manoeuvring Overload
Concrete, iron
62 x 80 x 5,5 cm each (installation length approx 9 metres )


Photos by Anders Sune Berg